Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (92 days)

Holy shit! Only 92 days left and I've been slacking off on selling and buying stuff. My real life is busy as hell so finding time for the Dragoncon flip is difficult.


Rollerblade Wheels - $15
American Girl Doll 1 - $60
American Girl Doll 2 - $50
Tigger Watch - $65
Star Wars Evolutions Troopers -  $52.50
Star Wars Clone Army - $161.50
Star Wars Risk - $35
Flinstones - $15
Crossbows & Catapults - $45
Dimensions Cross Stitch - $30.50
Sony Mini Disk Recorder - $45

That's $574 cash to add to the $135 left over from day 101 making it a total of $709 cash to work with going forward. I think I'm on a good pace.

This past weekend was more neighborhood garage sales which I love and I managed to pickup a few decent things.

I don't run into many NES's very often. This one was at a country club neighborhood (rich old people) and the lady wanted $45 for it. That's way outside my comfort zone for buying old video game stuff unless it's extra special however there was something extra special.