Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (92 days)

Holy shit! Only 92 days left and I've been slacking off on selling and buying stuff. My real life is busy as hell so finding time for the Dragoncon flip is difficult.


Rollerblade Wheels - $15
American Girl Doll 1 - $60
American Girl Doll 2 - $50
Tigger Watch - $65
Star Wars Evolutions Troopers -  $52.50
Star Wars Clone Army - $161.50
Star Wars Risk - $35
Flinstones - $15
Crossbows & Catapults - $45
Dimensions Cross Stitch - $30.50
Sony Mini Disk Recorder - $45

That's $574 cash to add to the $135 left over from day 101 making it a total of $709 cash to work with going forward. I think I'm on a good pace.

This past weekend was more neighborhood garage sales which I love and I managed to pickup a few decent things.

I don't run into many NES's very often. This one was at a country club neighborhood (rich old people) and the lady wanted $45 for it. That's way outside my comfort zone for buying old video game stuff unless it's extra special however there was something extra special.

"I love the power glove. It's so bad." Yes that's right, I found a Power Glove. What makes this extra special is that the cable is cut which makes it useless! :`(  My power glove dreams weren't dashed until I got home and discovered the cut cable but I'll survive. I also got the power glove movement sensors and a handful of games. The NES and the games all work fine so hopefully I'll get my money back plus maybe a few bucks for a useless power glove.

Do you remember a TV show back in the 80's called Ring Raiders? I don't and I didn't recognize this toy when I pulled it out of a box with a GI Joe vehicle and some Junior Justice League figures for $5. This is called the Air Carrier Justice and it's actually pretty cool but the rest of the Ring Raiders toy line kind of sucks.

Here is the Python Patrol Stun vehicle I got with the Ring Raider carrier. It's nothing special but I have a hard time passing up vintage GI Joe. This one is sadly missing some pieces but hopefully I can make a few bucks on this and the carrier.

Why do I buy this junk? I know from experience that nobody wants shitty Sharp calculators and yet I still felt the need to pick this up for $1.50. I need to go to shitty old calculator rehab.

Please make the punishment stop!! Why did I buy these California Raisins for $5? I think I was still punch drunk from finding that amazing Power Glove which made me think this was a good idea. California Raisins are never a good idea! Never ever ever ever a good idea!

This is a really shitty picture of some Lego instruction booklets I got for $7. There was around a pound of random Lego bricks in this bag with a handful of mini figures. I'm adding the Lego bricks and mini figures to my personal stash but I'll try to sell the booklets.

This Rubik's Cube and accompanying manual was in a free box at a sale. It's a BBC Companies Rubik's Cube which is somewhat unique and the book is typically a good seller. The condition of this particular book looks like it was pulled out of the Atari New Mexico landfill but it was free.

More girl toys! I picked these little Ponyville My Little Pony's for $6.50. They are cute and colorful so I couldn't pass them up. I might add them to my Littlest Pet Shop collection and hold them for a few years or I might try to sell them right now. I'm currently undecided on these cute little ponies.

Does anybody really know anything about marbles? I know some people know them very well and can easily recognize the good ones but I've not developed that skill. I do know that the cat's eye marbles are no good but that's really the extent of my knowledge. I got these in a big zip lock bag from some kid at a garage sale for $5. Maybe I'll get lucky and then they'll sell for $1,000!


After my $75 in purchases from this week I now have $634 cash to work with for the next week and the following inventory:

NakNak Action Figures - These went back to the thrift store since they're a waste of space
Flinstones set 2
3 Land Before Time puppets
4 Eureeka's Castle puppets
Colorado Rockies Starter
Knife block (leftover from the knives set)
JA Henckels Knife (leftover from knives set)
Motor Cycle book
Disc golf Frisbees
Polar watches
Trapper keeper folders
TDK cassette tapes
American Girl Doll #3
American Girl Carrying Case
Disney, Grinch, Looney Tunes, and Snoopy watches
Battoborgs fighting robots
My Little Pony Lunchbox
Dungeon Twister
Vampire board game
Acquire board game
Radica electronic poker game
Bicycle playing cards
Laser Tag star sensors
NES with cables, controllers, and 3 games
Power Glove with cut cable
Power Glove motion sensors
Wizards & Warriors III
Hudson's Adventure Island
Ringer Raiders Air Carrier
Cobra Python Patrol Stun Vehicle
Sharp Elsi mate Calculator
California Raisins
Lego Booklets
Rubik's Cube and book
My Little Ponies


  1. Hello!
    I would love to purchase the Air Carrier Justice toy...
    I designed the toy, and ddo not have one!

  2. That's awesome that you designed that toy! Unfortunately I already sold it but if I run into another one, it's yours!