Friday, April 24, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (132 days)

Only 132 days left to go? I think I've already bitten off more than I can chew. I did go to a couple thrift stores today after work so let's see what I got for the starting $20.

Arc Thrift gave me the following stuff:

The Flinstones plastic figures. These have a stamp on the back stating they were made by Imperial with a copyright for Hanna Barbera and 1976. These might be cake toppers or maybe dime store junk toys from the 70's. I got 2 complete sets including Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty for $2.00 and one of the sets is still sealed with a staple in it's original plastic bag.

Some of the handheld video games of the 90's are desirable for some reason. It's best if they're still sealed in their package but some still sell well outside of their package. I found this Radica Video Slot game for $2.00.

Mile High Thrift gave me the following stuff:

I'm not a camera guy but I'm drawn to the older 35mm film cameras and lenses. I'm blinded by the weight and coolness factory of old camera stuff but have no technical knowledge to make a smart buying decision. The bag of camera junk cost $8 and included a Tokina AT-X lens, a Sigma UZ Zoom lens, and a Canon Speedlite 199A flash. I currently see a little flash box floating in front of my eyes after flashing it about 5 times in my face.

I found another random bag of stuff for $4 that had a red Littman stethescope and an old blood pressure gauge thingie. The rubber tube connecting the gauge to the cuff had slowly rotten and broke in my hands once I got it home so i think that's off the table. The gauge itself is pretty cool looking and i might combine it with some other steampunk looking stuff in the future.

There is a woman that stalks the toy section in this store. She gets there by noon everyday and stays until closing at 6PM. It's very difficult to find anything good when the toy stalker is there but somehow she missed this jug for Nak Nak figures. I've never seen them before but I couldn't resist buying 50 multicolored figures for $4.

That's it for day one. I won't be acquiring any more junk until I sell or trade the first piece of junk from this grouping. Stay tuned.

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