Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (Day 25)

Dragoncon is less than a month to go and things are moving nicely. I figure I've got about 2 weeks left to sell stuff and then the game is over because I won't be able to ship anything the week before Labor Day weekend. We're still in garage sale season in Colorado however the community sales have been over for at least a month now. I'm having to drive up to Boulder on Saturday mornings now because that's where the good stuff is typically hiding.

Do you remember the Pampers from last month? I found those for $3 and sold them this past week for $290!!! Come on people... what the hell are you doing with old pampers? Actually I don't think I really want to know the answer.

Remember Softporn Adventure from my last update on day 39? I got that with a stack of other old Atari games for $13? I ended up selling 3 of the lesser valued games for $55 and then sold Softporn Adventure for $450! Woohoo! The pampers and the games paid for 3 nights of Dragoncon all on their own. I will do an update on everything sold since my last post and my current inventory at the end of this post.

Now on to the new stuff.

This obviously the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. Old Dukes stuff is selling for a premium now because of the confederate flag thing but don't judge me based on that. Judge me on the fact that I liked the Dukes when I was a kid and it's a pretty sweet car even if it has a confederate flag painted on the roof of the car. I got this for $4 from Mile High Thrift.

This is an Optoma Pico Projector that's never been used. I'm tempted to open it up and test it but it would probably be wasteful of me to play with a new electronic gadget that I would then never use more than that 1 time. Instead I'll try to sell it. This cost $5 at a garage sale in Boulder.

This looked like a nice set of Pastels so I bought it at Mile High Thrift for $5. Several of the crayons have been worn down quite a bit and a couple of them are cracked but they are still pretty nice.

This is a Suunto Ambit2 GPS watch that was made in Finland. The woman was asking $35 for it at her garage sale this past weekend so I took a chance. It's a pretty awesome watch with all the GPS doo-dads but it would look ridiculous on my wrist so I'm gonna try to sell it.

These are Easter Island salt and pepper shakers. They have a "Bamboo Hut" stamp on them so they obviously came from a Tiki bar. They make me want to go to Trader Vics in the basement of the Atlanta Hilton. I got these for $1.

I don't really want to sell awesome Star Trek Trivia cards but this is for Dragoncon afterall. These Star Trek Trivia cards came from Mile High Thrift for $2.

I bought these fairy dust bottles for my wife for $1 in Boulder but I've taken them back from her and will try to sell them. She doesn't need any more fairy dust :)

This Hermione Granger stocking was a freebie from the same woman that sold me the fairy dust.

I was pretty excited to find this digital voice recorder for $2 that had never been removed from it's package. I was sad to see that it wouldn't sell for the big bucks I was hoping for. It sold for only $25.

More vintage camera stuff! Dear god in heaven make it stop! I'm a sucker for this old stuff so I paid $10 for this Luna-Pro Light Meter. It's pretty cool looking so we'll see how it goes.

This is the 4th GPS unit I've bought this summer. The first 2 went into my bug-out kit and the last 1 was the sweet watch from above. This Garmin 76S is nice but I'd rather have the cash than a 3rd GPS in my bug-out kit. This was only $1 from a Boulder garage sale.

I've had pretty good luck with the portable recorders so took a $3 chance on this Optimus. It's like Optimus Prime except it's more like Soundwave.

Vintage electronics will be the death of me. I swear that I'll probably be buried with a nice hipster collection of old walkmen and discmen. This isn't actually a Discman though and I don't have the power supply to test it or the remote control that originally came with it. It didn't stop me for spending $5 on it.

Never go in against a Sicillian when death is on the line! Also never listen to a hipster selling vintage electronics and blindly give him $20 for a walkman that doesn't spin :(

Finally a walkman that works! This is a nice Panasonic RQ-E20V and works great! I got it along with a more modern Sony Discman for $1 total.

Can you believe a lady sold me this Harry Potter Lego set for $.25? The box has been opened but the pieces never removed from the little bags. This is why I love Boulder garage sales!

I got a nice collection of Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty jewelery from a woman for $25. It's more than I would normally want to spend on something I know nothing about but Hello Kitty is pretty awesome and I needed to buy more nerdy stuff for the Flipping Dragoncon challenge. All these old cameras and broken walkmans get to be boring.

These challenge coins came from the same woman that sold me her Hello Kitty jewelery. I got all of these random challenge coins for $2 and already sold 1 of them for $13.

I love toys and so it's hard for me to lay off buying them when I see a cool collection. These Playmobile figures came from a sale that had a bunch of nicely curated bags of random toys. This particular bag was $5.

These Papo knights and horses came in a bag for $8. I've gone through that entire bag and pulled out some other cool cowboys, indians, and soldiers that will probably go to my nephews when they are old enough.

I got 9 Monster High Dolls from the same sale for $1 each. These will be going into my personal collection of interesting girls toys. They are cute looking dolls and it can't hurt to start stockpiling these for a rainy day maybe 20 years from now when little girls are all grown up and want to buy back their childhood from guys like me. I also grabbed a nice sized bag of Littlest Pet Shop figures that will go into my growing personal collection.


Pampers - $290    
Scissors set - $15
Think pads x2 - $36  
Polishing cloths - $20    
think pads - $18  
Which Witch - $55
Polaroid film - $60
Snoopy watch - $75
Stealth atari game - $15
Nightmare atari game - $15
Mast of the sun atari game - $25
Nikon 50m lens - $40
Batman toys - $28 
Polk remote - $18 
Panasonic cd player - $45 
Softporn Adventure - $450 
Sony Digital Recorder  - $25
Garmin GPS - $60  
Air Force challenge coin - $13   


I had $2293 to work with after my last update at Day 39. I've spent $145.75 since then and have had $1285 in sales. This puts me at a grand total of around $3432 in cash as of right now and the following inventory: 
Rockies starter jacker
Bicycle playing cards
dungeon twister
laser tag
Mamiya Sekor Camera
Trapper Keeper dolphin
Sun Trails New Mexico magazines
Rubiks Cube book and puzzle
IBM Think Pads
Polishing cloths
mystery mansion
Tomy puzzle
car show plaques
erector set
robotix set
barbie rockers
tudor tru-action game
talking football game
13 dead end drive game
weapons and warriors
scissors set 1
bucilla silk angel kit x2
janylnn christmas cross stitch
bucilla jesus
bucilla antique shoppe
pay day
nikon case
cabbage patch bags
kismet dice game
exo squad
TI Money manager calc
casio fx-500a calc
sony digital walkman
buffy books
coin sorting banks
olympus camera
knex screamin serpent
box of toys
rubiks magic puzzle
computer games
general lee
creative labs zen
1950 chevy model kit
pocket projector
star trek trivia cards
suunto ambit2
salt and pepper tiki
fairy dust
hermione stocking
gossen light meter
olympus recorder
harry potter lego
couroc roadrunner
sony d-160 cd player
broken panasonic walkman
working panasonic xbs walkman
sony cd discman blue
Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Jewels
challenge coins
IBM keyboard
playmobile toys
papo toys
monster high dolls  Going into my personal collection

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