Monday, July 27, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (39 days)

39 days left and I'm making good progress. I feel like I'm taking 15 packages or more to the post office each week and the cash grand total is slowly increasing. I would normally make a list of the solds since the last update but that list would be pretty long so I'll put it at the very end. Instead I'll get right into the awesome nerd stuff I've found over the past 2-3 weeks.

I was at an estate sale last week where I spent 30 minutes looking through a bunch of overpriced playmates Star Trek action figures, random lego junk, and comics. I then saw an Atari computer which means there might be games somewhere! I found a stack of Atari 400/800 floppy disks in the basement and grabbed all games that I saw. During checkout I saw a stack of instruction booklets and grabbed all the books related to the games. Softporn Adventure was one of those games and I'm pretty happy about it. This is a rare game from On-Line Systems before they became known as Sierra On-Line. The woman on the far right in the picture is actually the founder of Sierra. I've set a high starting bid on this and hope to bring in quite a few bucks on it.

The Nightmare and The Mask of the Sun were a couple other games that came in that stack. I got 16 games total for $13 which was a really sweet deal.

This Wolfman Troll Doll makes me very very sad. The reason is that I found it in a box of misfit toys for $1 and had no intention of selling him because he's so unique. I thought I'd put an outrageous price on him to justify my need to keep him but then he ended up selling 5 minutes after I posted him. $40 for this wolfman troll doll! I think I left some money on the table and now I no longer have a wolfman troll doll :(

Polaroid stopped making film years ago so I always buy any unopened packs whenever I find them. It's very uncommon to find stuff like this but I ended up getting all 5 packs for $20 total.

James Bond RPG game is awesome! This was at the same estate sale as the Polaroid film and the Atari Games. This was $3 and I've already sold it for $15.

These Buffy The Vampire Slayer books came from Mile High Thrift. There were 8 books all bundled together for $4. I kept the Once More With Feeling song book and am trying to sell the rest.

Vintage big box PC games are good sellers. This Half Life was an alternate box and has all of it's original material inside. The box was in great condition so I paid $5 and sold it already for $29.

I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. I must stop buying calculators. This one was $4 and I already sold it for $35.

Some of the people I work with are puzzle fanatics and I've seen a couple of them walking around with the Rubiks Magic Puzzle. I found this at Mile High Thrift for $2 which is a great deal considering the box has never been opened and it's from 1986.

 This remote came with a couple other remotes I previously posted about. I got this Harmony 670 along with another Harmony 550 and a couple random Sony remotes for $1 total. I tried to make this universal remote work with my own setup but it's a piece of crap so I ended up selling it for $25.

It makes no sense to me why people still want vintage electronics. This is a Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20G MP3 player device. It's in good working condition and I got it at a church rummage sale for $2.

I don't know anything about pencils and pens but these were cool looking. These are drafting pencils and I got them all from an estate sale for $8.

Mile High Thrift has a toy section where they bag up a bunch of random toys and sell them for very low prices. I found a bag that had 4 or 5 of these banks in it for only $4. I took the chance that they  might be vintage tin robots and bought them only to find out they're cheap plastic crap. :)

Suzie Sad Eyes made me think all little dolls were a good buy. These Amish dolls were a terribly buy at $4 and will probably go back to the Goodwill.

Baldurs Gate II Collectors Edition never been opened for only $5!? Hell yes!

Too many remote controls! This came in a bag with 2 other mediocre remote controls for $3 and hopefully will sell for $20.

Yep, I did it again. I bought another damn camera that I know nothing about. This is an Olympus om10 35mm SLR with 2 lenses, a camera case, and a lens case. I found it at a garage sale this weekend for $10. That's not a very big gamble so I went for it.

Vintage products in their original packaging is hard to pass up. These Hefty bags are from 1982 and only cost $2. I ended up selling them for $15 which isn't much profit but every little bit helps.

This is a nice model kit that's never been opened. It was only $2 at a garage sale so naturally I bought it.

I've done very well in the past with vintage portable CD players. The more elegant the accessories, the better it is. This Panasonic has a remote control, a remote receiver, and a freaky popup display which makes very little sense. I paid $5 for this at a garage sale and hope to make $50.


A lot of stuff has sold since the last update on day 60. Here is the state of things on day 39:

monty python box set - $55
kid galaxy bendos - $20
polishing cloths x3 - $60
polishing cloths x1 - $20
which witch - $30
jaws game - $35
star wars triology laserdisc - $27
new kids dolls - $26
IBM Think Pads - $18
bucilla crazy quilt - $15
bucilla old world santa - $15
Mage Knight - $100
barry sheene's motor cycle - $12
alice in wonderland kit - $15
Trapper Keeper kitten - $31
Pearlcorder s922 - $20
trapper folders - $25
Trapper Keeper Blue - $31
dkny ceramic watch - $15
Sony remote control - $15
sandman comics - $20
care bears - $40
IBM Think Pads - $18
IBM Think Pads - $18
nikon camera - $70
polishing cloths x1 - $20
tudor electric football game - $20
p90x DVD set - $35
juicy couture shades - $15
grams bear - $20
atari 2600 with games - $50
susie sad eyes - $20
universal monsters - $15
polly pocket stuff - $31
alice in wonderland watch - $15
nikon 100m - $73
polishing cloths x1 - $20
think pads x 6 - $36
dr seuss watch - $15
marvin martian watch - $20
antimonitor - $15
chopper strike - $15
heart family - $40
harmony 670 remote - $25
Panasonic remote control - $14
Power Glove Sensors - $25
technics disc cleaner - $40
4 laser discs - $20
grinch watch - $16
9 think pads - $54
pokemon pokedex - $29
heft bags - $15
half life - $27
Lego booklets - $12
bucilla crazy quilt - $15
wolfman troll doll - $40
power rangers dino zord - $20.5
baldurs gate 2 - $85
snoopy watch - $70
james bond - $15
ti-89 - $35


I had $1260.87 in cash to work with on my last update. I don't know how much I've spent on new inventory since that time because my documentation does not include purchase date so oh well.

Since the beginning of the flip I've spent $917 total on inventory and had total sales of $3210.05. This has left me with $2293.05 in cash and the following inventory:

Rockies starter jacker
Bicycle playing cards
Disney / Grinch/ Snoopy watches
Battoborgs Retired from inventory
Mlp lunchbox Retired from inventory
Dungeon Twister
Laser Tag Sensors
Mamiya Sekor Camera
Trapper Keeper dolphin
Sun Trails New Mexico magazines
Rubiks Cube book and puzzle
IBM Think Pads
Polishing cloths
Which Witch 2
Electronic Talking Mystery Mansion
Tomy puzzle
car show plaques
Erector Set
Robotix Set
Barbie Rockers
Jem Keeping it
Tudor tru-action game
Talking football game
13 Dead End Drive game
Weapons and Warriors
Hank Aaron mitt Retired from inventory
Cross stitch kits
Pay Day
Nikon 50m Lens
Nikon case
Cabbage Patch bags
Kismet dice game
Exo squad mechanized armor
TI Money manager calc
casio fx-500a calc
Sony Digital Walkman
Buffy books
Amish dolls Retired from inventory
Coin sorting banks
Olympus camera
Polk audio remote
Knex screamin serpent
Lego mindstorm Keeping it
Tub of Legos Keeping it
box of random toys
Rubiks magic puzzle
Polaroid film
Computer games

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