Monday, May 25, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (101 days)

Only 101 days to go and I sold 3 items so far since my last update:


Land Before Time Puppets - $30.55
Maxell Metal Capsule Tapes - $25
Sigma UZ Zoom Lens - $10

That makes it around $58 profit earned from those 3 items. $58 + the cash left over from last week is $165 cash and the remaining inventory of stuff that you can see at the end of this post.

My schedule has been crazy over the last week so I don't have many updates today. I had friends come into town over the weekend so I didn't attend Saturday garage sales. I did manage to pick up a few items over the past week at thrift stores though.

My wife and I have a sizable board game collection which physically takes more space than we actually have room. That never stops me from buying cool looking games when I bump into them. I picked up Original Trilogy Star Wars Risk, Dungeon Twister, Vampire by Ravensburger games, and a vintage bookshelf game called Acquire.

This Star Wars Risk game is missing 1 Hutt piece but is otherwise complete. Not a bad pickup for $3.

I've never played Dungeon Twister before but I understand there are a few expansion sets available. This is the basic set and includes all unpunched pieces. I found this at a garage sale on Friday morning so I guess I didn't stop at one this weekend afterall :) I'm tempted to keep it for myself but the $2 price tag might give up some much needed profit for the DragonCon flip.

Vampire was at the same garage sale as Dungeon Twister. Again, I'd like to keep it but need to boost my profit margins to reach the end game. This was $1.

I break for all 70's era bookshelf games. 3M and Avalon Hill were the kings of book case games. Acquire isn't a strategy war game like so many of the others from this era but I couldn't help but grab it for $2.

The last Radica game sold so I grabbed this double poker game for $2. This one has been opened but I won't count that against it.
We already have 2 decks of these translucent plastic bicycle playing cards and we love them. I paid $2 for these and I'll just keep them if I can't make at least $10 profit back.
Remember when mini discs were all the rage? I know some people thought they were the future but it never really took off. There is still value to a good functioning mini disc player/recorder so I grabbed this along with 5 discs and a 3V power adapter for $5.

Laser Tag was the must have christmas gift from 1986. The commercial was frakkin AWESOME and I couldn't possibly live without it. My friend and I were lucky enough to both get this for christmas and we had some good fun with them. I wish I still had my Laser Tag stuff but if I did, I'd probably just sell it anyway to make way for other stuff. I found these 2 star sensors at Mile High Thrift for $3.
Cross stitch isn't really my thing but unopened kits can bring in some money. I got this Dimensions kit for $4.
I never had Crossbows and Catapults as a kid but I really wanted it. I've found a few of these kits over the years and I can never pass them up. This was a nice collection for only $6

After my $30 in purchases from this week I now have $135 cash to work with for the next week and the following inventory:

NakNak Action Figures
Canon Speedlite Flash 199A This went back to the thrift store since it's wasting space
3 Land Before Time puppets
4 Eureeka's Castle puppets
Colorado Rockies Starter
Motor Cycle book
Disc golf frisebees
Rollerblade wheels
Polar watches
Trapper keeper folders
TDK cassette tapes
Fiestaware What was I thinking buying dishes? This went back to the thrift store
American Girl stuff
Clone Trooper Army
Disney, Grinch, Looney Tunes, and Snoopy watches
Battoborgs fighting robots
My Little Pony Lunchbox
Star Wars Original Trilogy Risk
Dungeon Twister
Vampire boardgame
Acquire board game
Radica electonic poker game
Bicycle playing cards
Sony mini disk walkman
Laser Tag star sensors
Dimensions cross stitch
Crossbows & Catapults

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