Sunday, July 5, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (60 days)

It's been a month since my last update on the Flipping Dragoncon challenge and I obviously suck at updating status. My excuse is that real life has been kicking my butt for the last month and I've simply not had the time to blog. I've still been hitting up the local garage sales though and have an occasional trip to the thrift store. This will be a massive blog post with many updates on the awesome stuff I've found and the miserable failures.

Broken Powerglove - $71 (Why would a broken power glove sell for more than a working glove?)
Ring Raiders Air Carrier - $30
Python Stun - 12.50
Motor Cycle Book - $12
Disc golf frisbees - $15
Acquire - $20.50
Radica poker - $12
Last american girl - $40
Tigger watch #2 - $65
Trapper Keeper Folders - $25
Vampire Board Game - $13

This is a bunch of Mage Knight heroclix style minis from Wiz Kids games. I picked up this entire collection at a garage sale for $50 and then turned around and sold it for $100.

 I found around 150 of these IBM "Think" Pads at the thrift store for a total of around $35. So far I've sold 12 of them for a total of $72. That leaves me with a ton of these left over and hope to continue to sell them in lots of 3 going forward.

I got over 350 of these Miracle All Purpose Polishing cloths for around $95 at Mile High Thrift. It might take awhile to make a return on investment for these but I've already sold 48 of them for $80.

You never see good old stuff like this anymore. I haven't seen a vintage Rolodex in years so I had to pick it up for 25 cents. I sold it a week later for $20.

This Alice in Wonderland watch cost me $2 which was probably about $2 too much. I believe it was originally given away as a promo for the theatrical release of Alic in Wonderland.

This women's DKNY watch had a broken watch band but was worth the 50 cents. I resold it for $15 a week later.

HP Calculators are always a good buy if you can get them cheap enough. This particular HP-10 Calculator cost 50 cents and then I resold it for $12.50 a week later.

The Liddle Kiddles were popular dolls in the late 60's and early 70's. I picked up this Liddle Kiddles Klub house case for $1. It's pretty beaten up with a broken handle and a couple other issues. Too bad there weren't any Liddle Kiddles inside :(

Cross stitch stuff sells and is plentiful at garage sales. I grabbed all of these kits for a total of $8 and have already sold 3 of them for a total of $45. I should get a bumper sticker that reads "I brake for cross stitch kits".

If you've followed the Dragoncon Flip up until now then you'll know that you can never ever pass up a nice Trapper Keeper. You can find them for a low price and are a guaranteed sale. I got all 4 of these Trapper Keeper's from a garage sale for $1 and so far I've sold 3 of them for a combined $87.

I wish I could lay off buying old camera stuff. They are just so shiny and heavy and look cool that I can't pass them up. This Mamiya camera, lens, and camera bag was $20 at a garage sale and so far it's gone unsold.

Last month I found a Sony microcassette recorder and sold it for a good price. I later found this Olympus Perlcorder S922 for $1 and sold it for $20.

This Olympus Pearlcorder J300 was from the same garage sale as the last Pearlcorder. I paid $1 for this and sold it for $30.

I've been rewatching Jem recently and have had the urge to buy some Jem toys (yeah I know it's just fancy barbie and I'm a dude that likes transformers) but damn, Jemm stuff is really expensive! I found this Jem at a garage sale for $1 which was truly outrageous! Her box is beat to but it's my beat to shit box and I'm not selling it :) Well.... I might sell it at some point because this awful box condition is giving me anxiety problems but we'll see.

These Barbie Rockers were at the same sale as my precious Jem. They are awful copycats of an awesome Jem character and they suck but I was euphoric after finding Jem so I got them for $1 each.

Grandma and Grandpa Barbie are very disturbing to me but I bought them anyway for $1 from the same woman that sold me Jem. I don't remember The Heart Family but I was busy playing with Transformers so maybe somebody loves this?

These New Kids on the Block dolls came from the same place as Jem. They were $1 each and I already sold them for $26. The woman that sold me Jem and the New Kids claimed that they all belonged to her daughter which is complete horse shit because she was no older than me. This was her stuff and she was too embarrassed to admit that they were hers. Isn't that a little sad? I think it's sad.

These are called Kid Galaxy Bendos. They are like Gumby and Pokey but they suck slightly more than Gumby and Pokey. I got this collection from Mile High Thrift for $5 and sold them for $20.

Awwww laserdiscs. I'm not up to date on the state of Star Wars releases on DVD but I know these Star Wars laserdiscs are the original theatrical version where Han shot first and the Ewoks still sang the Yub Nub song. I got all 9 of these Laserdiscs for a buck each and have so far sold only the Star Wars discs for $27.

Were you the right age for Robotix building toys? I was too old to be interested in them the first time around and I had the Star Wars Droid Factory anyway. I picked up 3 sets of Robotix toys for a total of $6 but none of sets were complete. I ended up dumping all of the parts into 1 box but so far haven't sold them yet.

I wasn't much into Erector sets when I was a kid and the newer sets don't appeal much to me either. I got 2 Erector sets in hard plastic cases for a total of $4 from the same garage sale as the Robotix kits. I've combined the 2 Erector sets into 1 plastic case and have an awesome hard plastic case for my growing Imaginext, Galactic Heroes, and Littlest Pet Shop collections.

Pampers? Seriously? I found this sealed package of Ultra Pampers for Girls at Mile High Thrift for $4. I know that vintage pampers can sell for big money but have no idea why. Do rich people spend big bucks on vintage pampers for their babies to crap in? Or is it some fetish thing? Who knows but I'm hoping for a big sale here.

I found some board games at a garage sale one day for $7 total. The boxes for some of these games were huge so I took out the parts and trashed the rest of the game. This is from a Talking Football game. The little black pieces are actually miniature records which would be totally awesome if the record player device actually worked :(.

More football game parts. This is from a Tudor Electronic football game that came with the other games. The box was huge so I'm parting out the small pieces and trashing the rest.

This Simon came with the same group of $7 games. It still has it's original box and instructions.

Which Witch came with that same group of games. I've already sold this game for $30 and I think I probably left some money on the table.

Chopper Strike came with the same $7 lot of games. It's a complete game with all of it's parts but it's in a fairly large box which would cost a fair bit to ship. If I can't sell the game then I'll keep the parts and try to sell them while trashing the rest.

Jaws F*ck Yeah! This came with the same lot of games as before but this one is much cooler because it's frakin Jaws! I've already sold this game for $35 so I obviously didn't love it enough to keep it :)

Lot of 7 rusty old scissors: $5
Price for the 2 polishing cloths I used to de-rust them: 50 cents
Guaranteed Tetanus if I cut myself on one of these: Priceless

More scissors that I got with the same rusty ones above. I doubt any of these would sell but at least I learned a lesson not to buy old rusty scissors!

Juicy Couture isn't my thing but this is Dragoncon we're talking about here and every little bit helps. I got these for $2 at a garage sale and hope to make a few bucks on them.

I've found some very valuable Walkman's in my day but I can tell you for certain that this is not one of them. I actually got 2 of these for $1 at a garage sale but I haven't tested them yet. I need to find a cassette with some music I know so I can confirm that these play back at the right speed.

This is a much cooler Walkman than the last one but it's still not one of the highly collectible ones. I got this for $2 and still need to test that tape playback is fully functional.

You don't see this kind of thing too often. This is a bunch of corvette club and car show dashboard plaques. They are all metal and mostly unused. I paid $5 for this random stuff and haven't sold them yet.

I found one of these P90X DVD sets in the past and it sold very well. I picked up this set for only a $1 but haven't sold it yet.

This Tomy Row by Row puzzle was only a $1 and so I couldn't pass it up. It could end up in my personal collection of 80's junk if it doesn't sell.

I know that some people swear that remote controls are good sellers. They don't excite me very much however I did pickup these 3 remotes AND a Logitech Harmony 550 Universal Remote for $1 total. I'm gonna keep the Harmony controller and have already sold the Sony remote pictured above for $15.

This is a vintage right handed baseball glove made by Cambridge. It's actually a Hank Aaron model which is why I bought it for $1. Unfortunately a child's name is written in ink on the outside of the glove which really hurts it's value. That, and it's beat to shit!

Weapons and Warriors aint no Crossbows and Catapults but it's kind of cool. This set has it's original box and I got it for $2.

This 13 Dead End Drive game is 100% complete and in excellent condition. I got it for only 50 cents!

I got this Electronic Talking Mystery Mansion at the same garage sale as 13 Dead End Drive. Again this one was only 50 cents woohoo!

Parker Brothers really fucked up Pay Day in recent versions. I can never pass up a vintage Pay Day for this very reason. They aren't selling for much right now so I'll be holding onto this for awhile until around Christmas time when they bounce back up in price. This was $4.00 at Savers.

What the hell? Another Which Witch? Yes another Which Witch! This came from Savers and was $5 but is more complete than the last one.

This is a 16 DVD box set of The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus. I found it later in the day at a garage sale for $10 and already sold it for $55.

I got 14 issues of Sandman at Mile High Thrift for $8. Yes it was a bit pricey but I couldn't see which issues were included so it was a gamble. It turns out that there was a Sandman #8 featuring the first appearance of Death which I took out for my own collection and then sold the remaining issues for $20.

Why do I keep buying camera shit!! This is a Nikon EM film camera and it came with a bunch of accessories including 3 Nikon lenses, 3 shutter release cables, manuals, a Nikon motor drive, and a sweet vintage camera case. I paid $50 for this because I'm the ultimate chump when it comes to camera stuff. I know Nikon is a desirable brand and a quick lookup on Ebay showed that I could probably make my money back pretty fast by parting it out so I went for it.

This is a Technics Auto Compact Disc Cleaner model # RP-CL300. It's a fairly rare thing to find in it's original box and it's in unused condition. I paid $1 for this and hope to pull in a nice sale since it's vintage Technics.

Another vintage calculator that's worthless! I paid $1 for this hunk of junk and expect to be bringing it back to the Goodwill.

Dear god in heaven make it stop! I need a calculator intervention. This was 50 cents and will probably be sent back to the Goodwill along with the other garbage calculators I buy.

These Exo Squad E-Frame armor came in a lot with some other toys for $1. It was a pretty sweet deal considering I got a 1st generation Onslaught, 1st generation Triggerbot Dogfight, 1st generation Raphael TMNT, a 90's era He-Man, and a couple Z-bots. The Transformers are naturally going into my personal collection while the He-Man and Raphael are going into my "random action figure junk" tub to be rediscovered at a later date.

These Frankenstein and Mummy Universal Monsters came with that $1 lot of toys from above. These were made by Imperial Toys in 1986.

This is Suzy Sad Eyes and I found her at Arc Thrift in a $1 bag of junk toys. She has the Margaret Keane Big Eyes look which is pretty popular right now because of the recent Keane movie. I found a very nice Keane art book a couple years back for $10 which I thought I made an awesome deal on because I later sold it for $75. Now that book is selling for $500 so damnit!

These Cabbage Patch Kids lunch bags were a $1 at some random garage sale. I probably wasted my money on these.


This Great Game of Kismet was 75 cents. It's in a mint condition box and is from 1964 so hopefully somebody has been looking for this and will buy it from me :) In reality the market is flooded with this junk and so it will probably go to the Goodwill.

Do you like Polly Pocket? I'm indifferent to it but it's kind of cool in a girly toy kind of way. All the little dolls and accessories are kind of neat I guess. I got this stuff from a garage sale for $10 which I consider a $10 lesson in Polly Pocket. We'll see how it goes but I'm not expecting a big pay day.

More Heroclix stuff!!! This is 100 Heroclix figures from both the Marvel and DC Universe. I got these all for $10 including a larger sized Anti Monitor Heroclix which lights up and looks pretty awesome.


I had $634 in cash to work with on my last update. Since then I've spent $385.25 on new inventory and have had $709.50 in total sales.

Since the beginning of the flip I've spent $770.13 total on inventory and had total sales of $2031.55. This has left me with $1260.87 in cash and the following inventory:

Flinstones set 2
3 Land Before Time puppets
4 Eureeka's Castle puppets
Colorado Rockies Starter
Knife block (leftover from the knives set)
JA Henckels Knife (leftover from knives set)
Polar watches
TDK cassette tapes
American Girl Carrying Case
Disney, Grinch, Looney Tunes, and Snoopy watches
Battoborgs fighting robots
My Little Pony Lunchbox
Dungeon Twister
Bicycle playing cards
Laser Tag star sensors
NES with cables, controllers, and 3 games I need an NES so I'm keeping it.
Power Glove motion sensors
Wizards & Warriors III  Keeping this with the NES
Hudson's Adventure Island Keeping this with the NES
Sharp Elsi mate Calculator
California Raisins
Lego Booklets
Rubik's Cube and book
My Little Ponies
Marbles Took this to the goodwill
IBM Think Pads
Polishing cloths
Which Witch
Electronic Talking Mystery Mansion
Panasonic remote control
Tomy puzzle
car show plaques
Care bears
Grams bear
erector set
Robotix set
heart family
barbie rockers
chopper strike
tudor tru-action game
talking football game
13 dead end drive game
weapons and warriors
tudor electric football game
hank aaron mitt
p90x DVD set
juicy couture shades
scissors set 1
scissors set 2
4 sci-fi laserdiscs
bucilla crazy quilt
bucilla silk angel kit x2
janylnn christmas cross stitch
bucilla jesus
bucilla antique shoppe
alice in wonderland watch
pay day
nikon camera stuff
heroclix & anti-monitor
polly pocket stuff
troll dolls
cabbage patch bags
kismet dice game
susie sad eyes
universal monsters
exo squad
TI Money manager calc
casio fx-500a calc
sony digital walkman
technics disc cleaner

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