Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (107 days)

This was a successful week in selling some of the junk from last week. Here's a run down of the stuff sold last week and update on where I am with inventory.


Royal PKnifes - $92
Garmin GPS watch - $51
Sony micro cassette recorder - $35
Broken JVC walkman - $60
Optimal Optimus - $25
Zip Zaps junk - $16.50
Sony Walkman Radio - $13

This gave me $292.50 to work with this past weekend. You might think thats a good sum of money to work with but things get much more difficult now. If you have more cash then you tend to be less choosy in buying more stuff. It also gets harder to find good stuff and you'll get overburdened with a bunch of junk. Then your house will start to look like a hoarders paradise which doesn't please the wife. It's time to get serious!

Community Garage Sales

I hit up another couple community garage sales this weekend and found some pretty good stuff. Here's a run down of what I got:
Do you know much about American Girl dolls? I don't know much other than they're pretty expensive and people either collect them or buy them for their kids. I picked up three dolls, a bunch of clothes, and wardrobe suitcase thing for $70. I'm always interested in learning about new things so this might be a $70 lesson on what not to buy or it could turn out well.

Right down the street from the American Girls was a dude selling a bunch of Starting Lineup toys. I don't much care for those but I do like ready made clone trooper armies! I got this sweet collection of unopened troopers for $55. Yeah that's 43 clones.

A little later in the morning I went over to this other community sale and found a woman selling Disney watches. She had around 4 brand new Tigger watches, 2 new Mickey and Minnie watches, a stack of new Grinch watches, and 2 limited edition snoopy watches. It's my understanding that she used to do retail arbitrage and had this stuff in storage for a few years but now just wanted them to be gone. They all had dead batteries but replacements are cheap on Amazon so I thought this was a good pickup. I payed $34 for the Disney, Grinch, and Looney Tunes watches and $20 for the 2 Snoopies.

Mile High Thrift Shop

I picked up a couple fun things at the Mile High Thrift store. What the hell was I thinking buying this junk?

I love the hell out of Beyblades but can't easily explain why. I'll buy them whenever I see enough together to make it worth the effort. I don't plan on selling my Beyblade collection any time soon but I will attempt to sell the Battoborg remote control fighting robots that came with these particular Beyblades. This stuff cost $4 but again, I'm keeping the Beyblades and only selling the fighting robots :)

Lunch boxes are often a crap shoot. I picked up this My Little Pony lunchbox for $2 thinking it might be vintage. I usually take a quick look for any dates, barcodes, or dotcom addresses on stuff to identify age but this box tricked me. I didn't see any of the normal identifiers making it modern age so I bought it. Then I took a closer look at home and found a 2001 date which makes it basically worthless. I'll try to get a $10 profit on it but if that fails then I'll have a MLP lunch box.


Unless my math sucks (and it might suck) I think I've got around $107 left to work with and the following inventory:

NakNak Action Figures
Canon Speedlite Flash 199A
Sigma UC Zoom Lens
8 Land Before Time puppets
4 Eureeka's Castle puppets
Colorado Rockies Starter
Motor Cycle book
Disc golf frisebees
Rollerblade wheels
Maxell metal capsule tapes
Polar watches
Trapper keeper folders
TDK cassette tapes
American Girl stuff
Clone Trooper Army!
Disney, Grinch, Looney Tunes, and Snoopy watches
Battoborgs fighting robots!
My Little Pony Lunchbox

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