Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon (115 days)

Where has the time gone?!? I only have 115 days left and so far I've got around $50 in sales total. This is a slower start than I was hoping but I still think it's possible to reach the Dragoncon goal. Here's a summary of what's been sold so far:

Stethescope - $25
Video Slots - $10
Tokina AT-X Lens - $20

I had to go shopping to get some more junk with that $50.

Thrift Store Stuff

Who would give up Land Before Time hand puppets to the thrift store for 6 bucks? Not me! I picked up this set of 5 along with 4 duplicates and a set of 3 Eureeka's Castle puppets. They sold these at Pizza Hut back in the late 80's / early nineties.

 Did you know there is an International Cassette Store Day? Did you also know that some audio tapes have value? Even some used tapes have value. These particular tapes looked like a good buy for $2 at Mile High Thrift.

This book reminds me of the old story books I'd used to get as a kid. Stuff like the Star Wars, ET, and Dragonslayer storybooks. I went for it at $1.25 but it might take awhile to sell.

Holy shit it's Optimal Optimus!! I always need to buy vintage Transformers even if they're only as vintage as Beast Wars. This one cost $4 at Mile High Thrift.

I thought I found something good with these Zip Zaps until I got them home and discovered the Spider Man monster truck had a giant chunk ripped out of it. They came with a plastic case which I'm gonna keep for random junk around the house and hopefully I can make a few bucks on this $4 lot of junk :(

First of May, First of May, Community Garage Sales Starts Today

Garage sale season has officially started and this weekend was the start of the community sales. A community garage sale is when a residential community invites residents to come out and sell their junk in front of their house. I find the best sales of the year are when garage sale season first starts. Here's what I found:

This is the 20th anniversary of Coors Field and I found a sweet vintage Rockies Starter jacket from around the era when Coors Field first opened. This one is extra special because the back has a big patch saying "Coors Field Staff". This one was $4.

I can't resist a good walkman. This one isn't necessarily a good one but it's a Sony, it's got a digital tuner, and it was only .50 cents.

Disc golf is a fun activity and people pay for good quality discs. I don't know if these are quality but they were only $2.

This one dude was just giving stuff away. He gave me a giant telescope and so I felt I should give him $2 for these 2 Polar watches. These are the kind of watches that read a signal from a hearbeat strap that you wear around your chest. I don't have the strap but I'll try to make a few bucks on these anyway.

I paid only a buck for this Garmin GPS watch thingie. The woman simply wanted to get rid of it so she was only asking for $1. I think this will net me a nice profit if the rest of this junk is a bust :)

I scored some vintage roller skate wheels awhile back that turned out to sell very well so I took a chance on these rollerblade wheels. They were only $2 and had never been used.

This micro cassette recorder came from the same woman as the rollerblade wheels. It was only $1 which is a good price for something like this. Why are micro cassette recorders still in demand? I don't get it.

Do you remember Trapper Keepers from the 80's? Nostalgia is high for 80's stuff so they are nearly impossible to find and always sell for a good price. I got a stack of around 20 Trapper folders (not the keepers) for $3. I'm hopeful that the Trapper Keeper collectors of the world will want folders to go with them :)

People will always buy quality cutlery even if it's slightly used. This is why you'll barely ever find anything of quality second hand. I stumbled into these Italian Royal Prestige Epicure knives from a dude for $10. They came with a heavy wooden knife block too but I'm gonna hold onto that until later since it will jack up the shipping price and maybe scare away some potential buyers.

Do you know what Fiestaware is? Eh... I don't really either but I heard it's collectible if it's the right piece. I don't know if these are the collectible kind but I picked up around 15 plates for $3. It's worth the gamble and if it's a dud then I learned something about Fiestaware for next time I run into it.

Have I mentioned that some audio tapes are still in demand? I haven't seen this kind of tape in decades so I took a chance on all 3 for $1.

I'm originally from San Francisco so I know that some rock art is a thing. This is no Filmore poster but it's signed by the original artist and might appeal to somebody from Lincoln, NE where this event happened. It has a decent frame and only cost me $1.

I LOVE vintage walkman's. This is a JVC walkman and it doesn't work but that doesn't matter. Broken stuff sells well too especially if it's vintage enough to be desirable. This walkman is made entirely of metal but it needs a new belt before any tapes will actually play on it. I payed $2 for this and hope to make a lot more than that.

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