Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flipping Dragoncon Inventory Report

I've got a fair amount of inventory right now based on my initial $20 investment. Here's a brief summary of what I currently have:

NakNak Action Figures
Canon Speedlite Flash 199A
Sigma UC Zoom Lens
8 Land Before Time puppets
4 Eureeka's Castle puppets
Colorado Rockies Starter
Sony Micro cassette recorder
Sony AM/FM Walkman
Motor Cycle book
Disc golf frisebees
Garmin GPS watch
Rollerblade wheels
Maxell metal capsule tapes
Polar watches
Trapper keeper folders
JVC Walkman
TDK cassette tapes
Optimal Optimus!
Zip Zaps junk :(
Royal Prestige knives

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