Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bringing Home the Soup

The @femmeoffandom and I attended Convolution 2013 in November. The guest of honor were Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, and Toby Froud. Brian Froud is famous for being the conceptual artist of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Wendy Froud is best known for creating Yoda and other creatures for Jim Henson. Toby Froud might be best known as the baby from Labyrinth in the striped red pajamas surrounded by goblins and David Bowie's cod piece. Brian and Wendy are married and Toby is their son who is also now a puppet creator.

Most cons have a charity auction where you can pick up some nice stuff for a decent price depending on your bidding competition. I lost the bid on a 1:1 scale Darth Maul bust to my friend Angelo but he needed it more than me. I was the winning bidder on a Brian Froud print called "Bringing Home the Soup". This print is framed, signed, and numbered 5 of 90 and is now currently hanging in my house. I imagine this will eventually be hung in the library once I actually have a library.

Another fun item I won in the charity auction are a set of the door knockers from Labyrinth. These are also now hanging on my wall.

The less learned from Convolution is that I will always go to the charity auction of every con from this day forward!

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