Monday, March 17, 2014

Take me back to 70's so I can buy some stuff from Starlog Magazine

We must read the historical documents
Some of the best stuff I've found has been from Craigslist. My love for Craigslist was validated again 3 weeks ago when an awesome box of 60's, 70's, and 80's science fiction and horror magazines entered my life.

The actual ad stated that this was a box of 50ish Starlog Magazines from the 70's to 80's for $25. That alone should be enough to get the blood of any nerd boiling. Starlog was an amazing science fiction magazine that started in the 70's and ended it's run just a few years ago. It was written for real fans of the sci-fi genre and I was raised on it in the 80's. I remember lusting after some of the junk you could buy from the advertisements in Starlog magazine. Do you remember the Yoda ears baseball cap? Or the USCSS Nostromo cap from Alien? Yep, you could order all that crap from Starlog magazine!

Anyway, I met the guy at his car and did the quick exchange. He stated that he bought the box from somebody else on Craigslist who had misrepresented it as a box of Star Trek comic books. I suggested that Starlog is much better than Star Trek comics but he disagreed and we parted ways. Now I have this box of stuff and start looking through it. I found some amazing 70's magazines that weren't Starlog at all but a random selection of stuff. This is a great collection of books that will enter my personal collection and never leave it. Some of the titles included:

Fantastic Films
Star Warp
Science & Fantasy Film Classics
Super Star Heroes
Future Life
Famous Monsters of Filmland
Future Fantasy
TV Sci-Fi Monthly
Star Trek 75
Trek The Magazine for Star Trek Fans
Castle of Frankenstein (I love this issue. It was printed when Star Trek was still on the air and Spock was considered a monster??)

Matthew Star Letter from Starlog Issue 55

Remember this show? The Powers of Matthew Star was a fun Friday night show that followed Night Rider but never survived past a single season. It was doomed from the start according to this letter which explains so much!

Oh and by the way, did you know you can read the entire Starlog catalog on the Internet Archive?
Starlog Magazine on Internet Archive

Spock is a monster in a 1967 issue of Castle of Frankenstein

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