Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Star Wars Stuff!

I went to a garage sale and the guy was selling some fun Star Wars statues. These were 1/7 scale ArtFX models by Kotobukiya. All 3 models were still in their original boxes. The first was a Sandtrooper, the second was a Snowtrooper, and the third was a Clone Trooper SDCC exclusive from a few years ago. I think the combined price I payed for all 3 was $45. My original intent was to hawk all 3 on ebay for a couple hundred bucks and buy something else but the Sandtrooper and Snowtrooper were calling to me. I ended up keeping those 2 and setting them up on my desk at work and then selling the Clone Trooper at a swap meet for a few bucks more than I paid for it. I would call this a win win!


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