Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Need to sell the 1st generation Oculus Rift to pay for the next gen

Unless you've lived in a box for the last year you would know all about the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset from Oculus VR. The first generation Rift headset was released around this time last year which makes it outdated by at least 6 months. Oculus VR recently announced that they are no longer selling the first generation dev kit but will instead focus on the next generation Crystal Cove head set.  The first gen headset was only a dev kit and succeeded in giving me a headache 10 minutes after putting it on. I'm not a game developer but rather a VR enthusiast so I absolutely had to own it. I ordered mine in April 2013 and was immediately put on a 4 month waiting list. The Rift was nearly impossible to get at the time unless you wanted to pay $900 on ebay. The device finally arrived in August and I proceeded to spend the next hour playing with it until I got a massive headache and had to stop. It's been collecting dust on a shelf in my garage for the last six months.

The Oculus Rift originally sold for $300 which was a fairly high price just to experience a few minutes of VR. Since the device is no longer available to buy, then now might be a good time to sell or trade it. If I can get my initial investment back then I'll be able to buy the 2nd generation when it is announced. This is a solid plan right? Tonight I'm going to offer it on Craigslist as a trade for hopefully something of more value. If that doesn't work then it will be on Ebay by next week. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Update 1:
I received 1 offer to rent the Rift for 3 days, 1 offer to buy it, 1 offer to trade it for some vintage computer systems, and 1 offer to trade it for a Samsung S4. I've decided that a trade just isn't gonna work out and now I'm selling it on Ebay. This week is the GDC conference and there will likely be new VR hardware announced. Maybe now is the right time to flip this on Ebay with all the GDC hype.

Update 2:
I've given up on finding a good trade on craigslist. Nobody has the obscure crap that I like for trade. Instead I posted this to Ebay last night and sold it first thing this morning. Now I have the cash for Sony's Project Morpheus once that sees the light of day. 

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