Friday, March 14, 2014

Kidrobot at the Goodwill and other random thrift store finds

I stopped by my favorite Goodwill and thrift store today on my way home from work and found some interesting stuff. At the thrift store I found a vintage J.K. Straus wooden puzzle from the 50's or 60's for $2. The pieces of this puzzle are very high quality and I think I'll turn a nice profit on it. I also picked up a 12 inch tall Newcastle beer schooner. It's just a display piece but I like it because BEER. The Newcastle glass was $4 and hopefully this will bring in a good profit. Yes neither of these items are particularly nerdtastic but they will bring in some extra cash to help pay for a night at a Dragoncon host hotel over Labor Day :)

Next I stopped by the Goodwill. They had a big stack of sealed Kidrobot boxes. It turns out that these are sealed cases of Fatcap Series 3 figures. Each case has 20 random figures individually wrapped in it's own box and in a foil wrapper so you can't see what you're gonna get. Naturally there are chase figures in the set that are much rarer than others in the set. Each case was $25 which is actually an incredibly high price for anything at the Goodwill. I can't remember the last time I bought something marked this high in my life. Any way I bought 3 cases just for the heck of it. They retail for much higher so we'll see how it goes on Ebay. I've setup a 3 day auction for them and if it sells then I might go back for more!

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